A Valuable Service for Lifestyle Inns

In the last couple of posts, I have speaking of Lifestyle Inns…those inns that are either too small or in a weaker location to be viable.  They are the Backbone of our Industry.  About 2/3 of the B&B’s in America are Lifestyle Inns

Nice Front Entrance compressed4
The Chocolate Turtle, Corrales, NM, a four guest room Lifestyle Inn

according to the PAII industry studies conducted over the last decade and more.  They are the personification of what the leisure traveling public imagines when they hear the term bed and breakfast.

Up until now, Lifestyle Inns, when considering their exit strategies, have had few options.  The most common avenues for selling a lifestyle inn is a FSBO (For Sale by Owner), which has its pros and cons depending on the skills and time availability for the owners, or to list with a local residential real estate agent who usually does not understand how to market a small lodging business, does not know how to value a lifestyle inn, and is not familiar with the intricacies of the unique lodging industry.  I had a local agent representing a buyer call to set up a tour of an inn for 9am on a Saturday morning…convenient for her buyer, but terribly out of the question for the innkeepers up to their ears with breakfast, check-outs, and turning the rooms for that evening’s check-ins.

Front Angled
Limestone Inn, State College, PA, a 5 guest room Lifestyle Inn

But The B&B Team® has recently announced their Lifestyle Inns Program™, an alternative for Lifestyle Inns that offers the professionalism of industry-experienced consultants and brokers to help with an inn owner’s exit strategy.  Bushnell & Bushnell Services, an affiliate member of The B&B Team® is proud to be working with a number of Lifestyle Inns across America.

So what’s in it for you?

  • You benefit from our deep cumulative experience as innkeepers, brokers, and consultants with our commitment to ethical practices
  • You get results-focused professionals…this is our livelihood, not a hobby.  We succeed by helping you achieve the results YOU want
  • You receive unvarnished, credible valuations…important for you since an overpriced inn will just sit and sit on the market and an underpriced inn leaves money on the settlement table…both undesirable outcomes.
  • Your inn is presented with a superior (we feel the best!) Buyer’s Offering Report to properly represent the quality of your inn
  • You receive our Commitment to Client Communications…you will actually hear from us to keep you informed of progress
  • You benefit from our leading industry presence
  • Your inn will be featured on the most informational websites in our industry.

Finally…an alternative of significant value for the Lifestyle Inns of America!  …especially in the current economy where results-focused professionalism is critical.     Scott

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