Bushnell & Bushnell Services Launches its New Website

Hello, All;

About 3 months ago, recognizing the need to update our 5 year old website, Bushnell & Bushnell opted for a whole new site in lieu of an update of the old version with a few goals in mind:

  • We recognized the importance of taking advantage of new Search Engine Optimization techniques…especially with the newer algorithms of Google.
  • We wished to use the services of another industry resource different from the one The B&B Team® has recently used.
  • We wished to have a completely editable version that we can manage ourselves
  • We wished to test the Turnkey template technique offered by Acorn

We contracted with Acorn Internet Services beginning the initial investigation in May…so the entire process took about 5 months but I can blame about 1/2 that time on me, my travel schedule and work priorities.  I think an inn’s timetable might be about 2-1/2 to 3 months with diligent work and participation.  We also have some features unique to our business that an inn would not have to consider.

Overall, I have to say the process was controlled and orderly.  No question about it, there have been dozens of emails back and forth at each step along the way.  It went from sales (Annie), to Brandi for collecting content, photos, and logos, to Pam (project manager)  to Mark for actual development, to Helena for marketing editing and QA and back to Pam for final details.  Willie helped develop the inns-for-sale sort feature and Crish ran the Benchmark Report so that performance compared to the old website can be measured with the new performance once launched.  I think I have all those jobs and folks properly acknowledged!

Pam brought up an unexpected wrinkle just this past week.  Google’s new algorithm now searches for redundant content when this website is compared with others out on the web.  Since The B&B Team® and Bushnell & Bushnell share similar or identical services and seminar schedules, I had to edit my content to look different than that of the other site.  I thought this may be an activity an inn may have to undertake as well if they “cut and paste” content from area attractions onto their site or use similar verbage for specials.  This is a watch-out to ensure not being penalized in placement.

I am entering this posting into the site (is it called Beta?) which will launch next week.  Stay tuned for future entries once the site goes live!  Talk to you soon.   Scott

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