Local Bed & Breakfast Goes Green (and gets Big Marketing Bang)

Great Television Coverage!

Talk about FREE promotional coverage!  WBOC-TV, the CBS affiliate broadcasting to the Salisbury region on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, had at least 3 teasers about an upcoming 10 pm story about a local Bed and Breakfast that has taken on the challenge of environmental responsibilities.  The local politicians were praising the Inn since the effort helps the whole community in a region attentive to the Chesapeake Bay’s ecological concerns.

The Cambridge House Bed & Breakfast, the effort of Dana and Jody Zarbano, has recently taken the steps to be green.  Such efforts as recycling, installing electric fireplaces, replacing incandescent lights, water conserving shower heads and toilet kits, and faucet aerators have not only lowered their operating expenses, but have given them a marketing tool that most inns do not have.

Congratulations to Dana and Jody for being the first bed & breakfast on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to make this commitment.

Consultant’s Advice: It is easy to pretend to be green…putting out a note that asks guests to reduce your laundry expenses is NOT enough.  Guests will see right through that.  The commitment has to be comprehensive, from purchasing ecologically-improved and recycled products, including amenities, from energy-saving devices, to pesticide-free (and local) breakfast foods to gray-water and recycling practices.  For additional information on becoming a CERTIFIED green lodging establishment, visit Green Seal, a non-profit organization to help committed bed and breakfasts with their efforts.  Once the commitment is made, make Going Green a part of your brand and market it everywhere.

Please forward your comments about YOUR practices to be Green.

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