The Complete Guest Experience…the path to Success

We just returned from the PAII Convention in Atlanta.  On the way home, while visiting our son at Virginia Tech, Marilyn and I had the opportunity to spend the night at The Inn at Riverbend, a Select Registry inn in Pearisburg, VA.  Linda and Lynn Hayes built the 7 room inn from the ground up and opened in 2003.  A restful and magnificent stay.

The reason the stay was restful and magnificent, however, especially after an arduous week in Atlanta working as a volunteer PAII staffer, is demonstrated in the photo here.

I took the photo intending to show the sunrise over the New River taken from the McKenzie Room, a corner guest room on the entry level of the Inn.  Although an incredible view of the mountains and river, the interesting point of view for an innkeeper is the INSIDE of the room.  Although difficult to see in this tiny photo, let me describe (from right to left) the creature comforts all captured in this one photo:

  • Next to the door leading out to the deck with Adirondack chairs is the fire alarm.  These alarms, along with the exit lighting and centralized smoke detectors throughout, offer a sense of security, a comforting feeling to any guest.
  • The adequately sized desk, with comfortable chair, allows some work time although the view was quite distracting!
  • My laptop is attached to broadband wireless, and the connection was easy and fast.
  • That white cup is my morning coffee, available anytime.
  • Hard to see, but next to the cup is a corkscrew and glassware…not a morning tradition of mine but at the ready for later!
  • A comfortable chair in the corner.  I don’t have to read in bed.

I congratulate Linda and Lynn for the attention to those details which make for a great experience for the guest.

Consultant’s Advice:  The complete guest experience, including the room, the area’s attractions, the breakfast, and the personal connection with the innkeeper, is key to a high rate of repeat guests.

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