An Inn is a Family

I am not sure why I am writing this little note in this blog.  I just want to.

We just got word that Dolores’  husband passed away on Sunday.  Dolores was our loyal and long term innkeeper at The Lafayette Inn in Easton, PA., the inn we sold in 2005.  We inherited Dolores when we bought the inn 10 years earlier, and the inheritance was a gift of cherished value.  Bob, her husband, loved Marilyn’s quiche and they would often stop by the inn on Sunday morning after church hoping there was a piece or two left over after breakfast was finished.  There always was…especially for Bob.

Bob passed away on Sunday after a courageious bout with the big C.

Employees are family.  Their families are our family.  They rely on you and you rely on them.  And Dolores is one of the best.  With perfect attendance over decades of arduous schedules, and always willing to pitch in and do a couple of rooms if a housekeeper couldn’t make it in, her picture is in the dictionary under the word loyal.

We will miss you, Bob…and we miss you, Dolores, and the great folks at the Inn.      Scott

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