Proud to be an American

I had the opportunity today to attend the Ocean City (Maryland) Air Show.  It’s Flag Day, June 14, and a day filled with patriotic music, aerobatic stunt planes, and military pride.  With background music resounding across the

Ocean City Beach, the crowd joined Lee Greenwood’s “I’m proud to be an American” as The U.S. Army’s Golden Knights and the U.S. Navy’s Leap Frogs parachute teams landed safely (thank goodness, I always hold my breath until they are all down) on the sands beside our seats.

They look so young…these boys and girls… that will go in harm’s way so that we can sit on a beach and eat hot dogs and soak in the sun.

Then came the grand finale.  The thunder-like roar of six F-16 Eagles, brilliantly white with blue and red trim, as they surprised us from behind and soared in their familiar diamond formation.  The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds with their high-speed precision aerobatics, knife-edge fly-bys, and nearly supersonic wonder.  The background music was Neil Diamond’s “Coming to America”… a fitting tribute, as the announcer described every maneuver.  I tried to take a bunch of photos, but got a lot of empty sky…wow…they can move!

On the walk home, as we strolled the boardwalk of Ocean City heading for the car, we passed the Inn on the OceanVicki and Charlie Barrett had center stage seats at their ocean front inn.  Saying Hi to Vicki seated on their front patio, I was reminded of the wonderful industry in which Marilyn and I work.  We meet great folks, at great inns, spinning their hospitality magic to make the traveling public comfortable and welcomed.  We all may not look as youthful as the youngsters dropping out of the sky today, but these innkeepers are just as dedicated to their selfless professions…giving their all to make their guests safe, satisfied and rested.  I’m proud to be an innkeeper too.

I love Flag Day… and Happy 19th Birthday, Chris.  Mom and I love you.    Dad

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