Giving Back …and Opening my Eyes to the Needs of my Neighbors

They slept outside in sub-freezing temperatures all night to stay in line.  Hundreds of people…not for tickets to a Lady Gaga performance or a playoff Oriole game.  But for FREE dental help.  People without insurance…people crying in pain.  My neighbors.

I signed up on a whim.  I heard the call for volunteers on the radio on my way to church and was feeling benevolent…usually only happens on my way to church.  I am currently involved with the Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic…a FREE service of volunteers providing full dental treatment to thousands of Maryland folks.

I haven’t been so moved in a long time by the generosity and commitment of, literally, hundreds of dentists, hygienists, technicians and hundreds more of data entry, x-ray technicians, escorts and general helper volunteers.  I wish I could do more than just run errands for folks.  Even the Lions Club was there distributing free prescription eyeglasses to those asking for them.

Extractions…some people having several painful teeth pulled at once.  Fillings (I didn’t know they call that restoration), endo-something (root canals) and hygiene (cleanings)…whatever the patient’s priority.  Thankful people, shaking our hands and giving us hugs.

I’m the one who should be thankful.  I also need to go to church more often.   Scott 



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