“What’s That (spicy) Smell?”

Stop by the Bushnell & Bushnell Services booth at the Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Trade Show & Conference (just two weeks away!) and test your sniffer!  Scott and Marilyn, former executives with McCormick & Co., the world’s largest spice and extract manufacturer and retailer, will have some samples for a blind “smell” test…(anybody can do a taste test!).

Spices and herbs are received from all over the world…such as cinnamon from all over Southeast Asia, vanilla beans from Madagascar, saffron from Portugal, and sage from North Africa, as well as dill from California into the Spice Mill located in Hunt Valley (the conference location), where they are cleaned and processed, and then forwarded to the Hunt Valley Plant for blending and packaging.  You will smell the spicy activity in the area!

All you foodies think you know your spices and flavorings?  Come on by the booth (#203) on March 10-12 and give it a try.  We have a free spicy gift for you if you do!

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