Maryland, Class of 2013…Guinea Pigs for The B&B Team!

The B&B Team®, Bushnell & Bushnell Services, tried something new this past Saturday as 18 Aspiring Innkeepers tested the new one-day format that The B&B Team® has added to their seminar and workshop schedule for 2013.  This workshop was conducted by Scott & Marilyn Bushnell and Eliot Dalton and held in the conference room of the Vandiver Inn, in Havre de Grace, Maryland, hosted by John & Susan Muldoon.

The typical format is a 3 day seminar beginning on Friday afternoon through Sunday noon’ish and includes two dinners (a great time to get to know each other), lunch, and wine and cheese gatherings with local innkeepers and plenty of time for questions and additional depth of the material.

This new one-day format offers nearly all the same breadth of important information in a long, hard day packed with presentations and activities.  Feedback comments about the depth of the content included:
—  “Good idea for a one-day, but a lot of info to cover!”
—  “Good overview of the entire process from dream to purchase”
—  “Although a brief overview of the industry, still provided a lot of valuable information”

One email testimonial stated “In all honesty, this was the only thing I’ve attended recently where I didn’t feel like I needed a nap at some point!  I was alert and interested the entire time, due not only to the interesting material, but also how you presented it and how well run the seminar was.”

Some feedback comments included the desire for more depth, which is what the 3 day session provides, but they appreciated the one-day capability since it was so much easier to fit into their personal and work schedules.

By far, this workshop is a valuable and welcome addition to The B&B Team’s educational opportunities!

We congratulate Lewis, Sherry, Kenneth, Luis & Vereatha, Mike & Tammy, Debbie, Christina, Paul, Brian & Bernadette, Carrie & Bill, Nicole & Ed and Matt & Abby for their interests and participation in making this a successful start to their investigations into inn ownership!   Scott

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